Here are some of the blogs and sites I like to follow:


  • Jeff Goins, Writer: this is a great site. The author posts a steady stream of practical, encouraging articles about writing, publishing, and creativity.
  • Advice to Writers: Simple and to the point – this site has one quote a day from a writer.
  • The Other Side of the Story: I just discovered this blog – really interesting and useful posts on everything from writing, plotting and editing to publishing.
  • The Bookshelf Muse: This blog has interesting character, emotion and setting thesauruses, helping you think about different elements of fiction story-telling
  • Rachelle Gardner: A literary agent with all sorts of great, practical advice about publishing.
  • the Village: Great Moscow blog, with all sorts of interesting posts and stories about places and trends in Moscow (in Russian): 
  • Russia Lite: An eloquent writer, and fellow American married to a Russian. I always find myself going “I can totally relate!” to her posts.
  • English Russia: beautiful photography from around the former CIS. I’m always getting feature TV story ideas from this site
  • Ann Voskamp: Classic. From the author of “One Thousand Gifts” beautiful, honest, and convicting posts. Always a good challenge.
  • Jottings from Jennifer: A beautifully-written blog from my former youth pastor’s wife.
  • Donald Miller’s blog: From one of my favorite authors – not only a great writer, I feel like he addresses so many issues that Christians in my generation are thinking about..
  • Chatting at the Sky: Creativity and faith and good photography.
  • Apartment Therapy: I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this site, but if not, check it out. They’ve got kitchen, DIY, home, family and technology feeds.
  • Design Mom: beautiful blog with family-friendly design ideas and discussions
  • Creature Comforts: I love her color palette inspiration posts
  • Pinterest: Not that you need ME to tell you how addictive it is…finally someone thought of a way to collect all those great online images you’re always wanting to save.
  • Smitten Kitchen: again, you don’t need me to tell you about this blog. Read with caution – her recipes are amazing and could cause weight gain.
  • Rachel Eats: my absolute favorite food blog full of delicious Italian recipes. Sometimes I wish we lived in Italy. Why did I choose to study Russian instead of Italian?? (confession: I’ll take minestrone over borsch ANY day of the week!!)
  • The Moscovore: If you must have a Russian food blog. Really, borsch is pretty good. As is just about every other Russian soup. Also, Russians are THE authority on potatoes.
  • Cup of Jo: the classic – she has posts on everything from being a mom to relationships to travel and fashion. A daily stop.
  • The Happiness Project: a project…to be happy!
  • L’antipodeuse: I’m always inspired to take pictures after this site and learn more about photography. 
  • Marta Writes: I thought this was going to be a site about writing, but I got stuck on it with all her great posts about family and design….
  • Going Slowly: a blog by my cousin, documenting his bicycle trip around the world. Fascinating – you can read it like a novel.

What about you? Do you have any favorite blogs you follow?

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