Friendship Advice: Move Towards the Sun

This post is the fourth in a BreakfastinMoscow series on friendship. To see more on the subject, click here.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received on friendship?

I went through a period in junior high when I didn’t have any friends. We’d just moved to a new city, the church we were going to didn’t have anyone my age, and my parents decided to home school all of us. Talk about difficult circumstances for making friends! In addition, I was intimidated by people around me, who all seemed to be cooler than I was, and I was going through a really shy and awkward stage.

My mom, though, gave me really good advice, about how to make good friends, and it’s always stuck with me.

Her advice (and she even drew me a little picture similar to the below sketch to illustrate her point) was to move towards the sun and I’d find friends along the way.

In other words, her advice was to move in the direction of what inspired and interested me, without really caring what other people thought. Eventually, the closer I got to my goals, and to what interested me, I’d find similar people who liked and were inspired by the same things I was.

Good advice, no? If we’re genuine about who we are, and confident about who we are and what we like, it’s easier to make friends, don’t you think?

What about you? have you ever gotten any really good friendship advice? Did your parents ever give you any good advice that you still vividly remember?

P.S. A long-distance friendship tip from my sister, and the Habits of Friendship

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