Guardians of Russian Art Museums

photo by Andy Freeberg

Have you ever been to any of Russia’s art museums?

My personal favorite is the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. I think it may be my favorite museum in the world (it’s between that and the Vatican).

One thing you notice at Russian museums, besides all the breath-taking art, is how, in every room there is a patient, warmly-dressed elderly woman sitting on a chair, watching to make sure you don’t misbehave or get too close to any of the paintings.

Photographer Andy Freeberg has done an entire art project on these museum docents. I’ve posted some of his photo’s here, but the rest can be viewed on his site.

What a great project, no? I’ve always wondered if these ladies enjoy their jobs, if they dream in paintings at night, and what they must think of people who come to the museums.

photo by Andy Freeberg

photo by Andy Freeberg

photo by Andy Freeberg

Is it just me or do the docents start to match their surrounding works of art?

photo by Andy Freeberg

P.S. what’s your favorite museum?

PPS. All the photos in this post are by Andy Freeberg, and can be found here.


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2 Responses to Guardians of Russian Art Museums

  1. Phyllis says:

    I haven’t been to many art museums, but I have to agree with you. Tretyakov is incredible! Big and full of wonderful things, but not overwhelming like the Hermitage.

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