Amateur Russian Artists

(I’m so excited to share this with you. I told myself that I’d try to take a break from blogging this month, but it’s almost the end of August, and I’m just bursting with posts!)

I visited a new art exhibition for work this morning (if only every day at work started with a gallery visit, and delicious press breakfast!), and was so inspired by the project, and the discussion of contemporary Russian art, that I thought it merited a post.

‘The Museum of Everything’ is an exhibition on wheels that has been travelling around Russia for the past few weeks, collecting, documenting and curating art work from amateur Russian artists.

It arrived in Moscow this week and set up shop in Gorky Park. Check out this video they shot while meeting Russian artists in Kazan:

It was so interesting to hear the project founder talk about how talented, strange, and incredible amateur Russian artists are. He talked about artists who sat in city parks for decades, drawing changes in weather and trees, or landscape painters who secretly longed to create surrealist philosophical pieces about their marriages. There was one sketch artist who painted portraits of homeless people in St. Petersburg, and a deaf artist who came into the exhibit screaming, and waving his sketchbook around.

For a die-hard russophile like myself, the exhibit was absolutely fascinating. What a great project!

If you’re in Moscow, I highly recommend a visit. They’re accepting art submissions for a bit longer, and then the exhibit is in town until the beginning of September.

P.S. The above Museum of Everything image was found here, and the video found here. The exhibit website, for more video/information can be found here.

PPS. New Russian Classics and Ekaterinburg’s Whimsical Street Artist

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