Happy (hot August) Friday!

‘Moskva’ by A. Deyneka (1952)

Can you believe it’s August already? Moscow is such a great city in the summer. The contrast between seasons is so huge that it’s like we move cities every three months.

How has your week been? I’ve missed blogging, actually, but enjoyed storing up lots of new ideas, and starting projects for the future. I hope these few weeks break will let me come back renewed with better posts.


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2 Responses to Happy (hot August) Friday!

  1. Breakfast in Moscow,

    My sister had a trapeze in her family room for years, and was good at it! 🙂

    Ann’s wisdom in ways to change the world are always powerful.

    For free learning, have you heard also of Khan Academy? I’ll have to check out your site too. Thanks!

    What Russian customs and expectations are there for neighborliness, etc? That always fascinates me.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Jen, thanks for the Khan academy recommendation – it looks promising!
      Re: Russian customs, I’ve seen various extremes. Some people’s neighbors are their best friends, others their worst enemies (stealing from them, trying to hurt them, etc.) It just depends. My experience in Moscow has been that people in apartment buildings don’t interact beyond a “hello” in the elevator, but others have had totally different experiences. I like your point about taking the initiative. 🙂

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