How Expensive is Moscow, Really?

Well, according to the Mercer Consulting Company, Moscow is the fourth most expensive city in the world. A cup of coffee can be between $7 and $9. Metro tickets cost about $1 per ride. Monthly rent for a 1 bedroom outside the city center is harder to find for less than $1500. I thought this chart illustrated the point well:

So, what does that mean for day-to-day city life here?

The downsides are that we don’t really do any shopping here other than grocery shopping. We wait to buy clothes, shoes, computers, and just about about everything else until we’re in the U.S. We also don’t go out to eat very often, and I’ve become a master at hunting out cafes/restaurants that have a good breakfast option (you have the fun of eating at a restaurant without the expense of a steak dinner!).

The upside is that everywhere feels cheaper than here. When we travel to Europe and the U.S. we feel like millionaires in comparison to how we squeak by in Moscow. Shopping is a real highlight of travel đŸ™‚

What about where you live? Is it expensive? Super cheap? Do you have any tricks for saving money? Muscovites, what do you think of living in the world’s fourth most expensive city?

P.S. Moscow apartments and answering the question: Has Moscow always been expensive?

P.P.S. the above chart/illustration is from this Russia Beyond the Headlines article.

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1 Response to How Expensive is Moscow, Really?

  1. Phew, and I thought a four or five dollar coffee was bad!

    Yes, Anne has wonderful insights, doesn’t she? An interesting angle to ponder…

    Jennifer Dougan

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