Quote of the Week: Women & Work

This quote feels a bit radical for me. I never considered myself a feminist……until I moved to Russia!

In any case, I really enjoyed this article this week on Why Women Still Can’t Have it All talking about why the workplace is still deeply unequal for women, and how it’s still unrealistic for women to expect to be able to juggle a family and a full-time career. It argues for having more women as leaders, and for changing the values of the male-dominated career world.

“…Now is the time to revisit the assumption that women must rush to adapt to the “man’s world” that our mothers and mentors warned us about.  If women are ever to achieve real equality as leaders, then we have to stop accepting male behavior and male choices as the default and the ideal. We must insist on changing social policies and bending career tracks to accommodate our choices, too. We have the power to do it if we decide to, and we have many men standing beside us.” -Anne-Marie Slaughter

I love it! Not that males are inherently bad, and females inherently good, but I hate it that, to succeed professionally there’s such pressure to put in wasteful, unnecessary ‘face time’ at the office, at the expense of your family. I hate it that career success must come at the expense of your family. Here’s to work-life balance!!!

Also, may I just say that I LOVE having a female boss? She’s incredibly professional, intelligent and hard-working, but also very much aware of the importance of work-life-family balance. It’s great! Also, I bet Russia would benefit from a female president…what do you think?

P.S. photo from HERE

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