International Pets

Do you have a pet? Growing up our family adopted lots of cats. One of them was a faithful producer of kittens, so we always had a new litter of kittens mewling around the house.

I’m a hopeless cat person. I like dogs…from a distance…but they’re so slobbery if you get too close. What about you? Dogs? Cats? Goldfish?

I would love to be able to adopt a kitten. Specifically, an orange kitten (or maybe a gray one). Sadly, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea at this point. Our lifestyle of renting an apartment, travelling, and not being sure where we’re going to end up permanently just doesn’t lend itself to responsible pet ownership.

Besides, expat pet ownership gets expensive and complicated. In Russia, my expat pet-owning friends tell me, you actually have to get your cat a passport which involves lots of trips to the vet and lots of stamps in order to allow your cat to leave the country. Then every other country has their own complicated set of pet immigration rules that involve lots of paperwork and vaccinations, not to mention terrifying overseas flights.

In other words, we’re just not at a good place right now for pet ownership…but I miss having a cat around the house!

What about you? Do you have a pet? Do you wish you had a pet??

P.S. This picture made me laugh….


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