Children of the Russian Rich

Have you seen this photo series yet?

It’s a project by photographer Anna Skladmann who spent years taking pictures of the children of Russia’s new elite.

Here’s what Skladmann said about the pictures and the kids in an interview with

“….they live in a secluded world. Some leave that world, to go to a public ballet school, for example. Their parents are attempting to make up for the Soviet times — they only want the best for their children. They receive private language lessons, they go swimming or play tennis. The lives of these children are very planned and regimented. That forces them to grow up quicker.” – Anna Skladmann

What a world, no? Fascinating and strangely sad…

What would you do if you suddenly had the amount of money Russia’s new oligarchs found themselves with? How do you think your kids would live??

*All pictures found HERE and interview with the photographer found HERE.

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2 Responses to Children of the Russian Rich

  1. The Art Pour says:

    Gorgeous and strange. I hope those children are also allowed to play in the dirt.

    • Agreed! I think they are – I had some friends here that tutored a lot of children with rich Russian parents. They were relatively normal except for being pretty spoiled and wearing really, really expensive clothes…

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