Happy Friday!


Hi friends,

How was your week? Mine was a bit rough, honestly. I’ve been under the weather the past few days. This weekend I’m at the office, so hoping it won’t be too busy.

Moscow is officially in its summer lull. The days are long, and we’ve been buying cherries by the kilo. Most of our expat friends have left for the U.S. and Russians are steadily escaping school and the city for their dacha’s. Things are quiet around here.

  • You can now access Soviet and Russian films online…find out more HERE. Do you like Soviet films? I find it so interesting to compare Soviet film heroes and heroines with American ones. Also, the differences in humor…
  • An Olympic diet …in pictures (will you watch the London Olympics? What’s your favorite event? I like track and gymnastics)
  • This looks like a cool TV show
  • What you can cut back on…after our recent discussion on minimalism
  • A dad’s perspective on having a baby (just in time for Father’s Day!)
  • Secret Presidential handshake (I had no idea this existed! Did you?)
  • Did you know that “the recent economic crisis left the median American family in 2010 with no more wealth than in the early 1990s, erasing almost two decades of accumulated prosperity”? Fascinating NYT article (economist husband would like it, I’m guessing.)

*buttercup painting from found here

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2 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Phyllis says:

    Oh! I do like Soviet films. I’m not much of a movie person in general, but if I have to watch one, let it be old and Russian. None of those all-loose-ends-neatly-tied-up American movies for me. 🙂

  2. Phyllis, any movie recommendations??

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