How to do Summer in the City

May, June and September are the BEST months in Moscow. We’re getting to those long, heavy green, pastel-skyed summer evenings now when time slows down and all the skyscraper windows reflect sunset and leaf-y parks. The days wax between clammy rain and hot sun.

Economist husband and I went for a walk with ice cream the other day. It was so lovely! Living in a northern climate, over half the year is spent in dark, frozen misery, so when the warmth finally comes it’s a real celebration. Everyone breaks out their sandals, and Moscow parks overflow with people pushing strollers, kids doodling chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and dads drinking beer/spitting sunflower seeds while their kids learn how to ride bikes.

Summer is upon us!

Reading this article by Laura Vanderkam the other day, I really liked her advice about how to have the best summer ever. She argues for the importance of making a plan, and carving out long stints of idleness.

What do you want to do with your summer? I want my summer to include:

  • walks in the park
  • dinners and visits with friends (outside!)
  • flowers
  • good books
  • visits to the dacha
  • skype calls with family
  • successful job hunting
  • lots of fresh fruit
  • progress on my work projects
  • inviting in-laws over for a summer meal
  • meeting Moscow friends for coffee at various cafe verandas

Hunting for jobs, unsure of where in the world we’re going to be living in the next months makes planning really hard. I’d like to include a vacation on my list, or a visit to family on the other side of the globe, but there’s so much uncertainty that it’s just not realistic for us to make those sorts of plans. Walks in the park, fruit, and cafe visits are pretty good, achievable goals, though.

What does your summer look like? Any other fellow city dwellers out there? What do you like about summer in the city?

P.S. Five tips for taking back summer vacation

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6 Responses to How to do Summer in the City

  1. Anastasia says:

    Feel nostalgic after this post! If you write a similar list about San Francisco summers you need to add “get your Russian winter coats from the storage containers”.. sniff-sniff…

  2. char says:

    I love camping in the summer (but we usually only get out 2-3 times); but I’ll be happy with just a walk downtown or a hike in the foothills…or just a meander around my backyard.

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