Popular Russian Baby Names

I love hearing what people’s favorite baby names are. My sister just named her daughter Charlotte Ann – isn’t that a beautiful name??

The name pool in Russia is smaller than in the States I think. As stated on a Russian maternity website “Называть детей необычными именами в России не принято.” (Giving your children unusual names in Russia is not commonly done.) Nevertheless, the ЗАГС does keep a running list of the country’s most popular baby names.

In 2011 Russia’s most popular baby names (according to this website) were as follows:


  1. Sofiya
  2. Anastasiya
  3. Daria
  4. Maria
  5. Polina
  6. Elizaveta
  7. Anna
  8. Viktoria
  9. Valeria
  10. Alissa


  1. Danil
  2. Maxim
  3. Artyom
  4. Ivan
  5. Alexandr
  6. Kiryl
  7. Dmitry
  8. Nikita
  9. Andrei
  10. Mikhail

I thought it was interesting that Sofia was the top girl baby name in both the U.S. and Russia in 2011…

My favorite Russian baby names are Constantine, Oleg, and Gleb for boys and Maria and Zoya for girls….

What are your favorite baby names (Russian or otherwise)??

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10 Responses to Popular Russian Baby Names

  1. Phyllis says:

    Oh, I like Gleb, too! I’ve thought it wouldn’t be too popular with Americans, though. Actually, I like all the names you do, except Maria. And even with that one, it’s not that I don’t like it, there are just too many Mashas. I usually like names that people would be familiar with, but where there wouldn’t be two or three people with that name in every group.

    • ” I usually like names that people would be familiar with, but where there wouldn’t be two or three people with that name in every group.” – my thought on names EXACTLY!

  2. Masha Lloyd says:

    Hi, love your blog. I am also an expat like you but also half Russian. I was born in England and live in Spain and married a Spaniard. I am a PR professional and my husband is a philosopher. Also have a blog you might like to visit: http://mashalloyd,blogspot.com. By the way, the names you list above must be very classical. In my Mother’s family I recognise many of them. There were plenty of Mashas like me (Maria) an aunt and more, Daria, another aunt, Sophia (sonya) my grandmother, Alexander – Sasha (an uncle and cousin), Andrei (my Grandfather) and Nicholas (Niki) my uncle. Seems they are still in fashion. Would love to hear from you.

    • Masha, thanks so much for saying hello, and for the kind comment….I never know if anyone reads unless they leave a comment 🙂 I stopped by your blog – what a great way to stay in touch with people long distance! That’s exactly why I started writing a blog too. It’s hard to stay in touch with friends and family when you live so far away. You have such an interesting background. How is it being married to a philosopher? I bet you have really interesting dinner-time conversations 🙂

  3. Wilb says:

    My favorite Russian boy names are: Bogden (although I think it is pronounced ‘Bohden’, I see it in writting a lot and only heard it once and wasn’t sure might be Bohg’den with non-stressed g, if pronounced Bog den then off my fave list), Vadim, Maksim, and Arkadi. I love how Igor looks in the Russian language too. I think it is strong looking but ‘gentle’…something about the actual Russian cylliac letters…but wouldn’t use it in English. Vera is my favorite girls name.

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  5. Hana says:

    Maria is my fav too

  6. Rutu Patel says:

    I like Sofiya most.my niece name is Sofiya.some people wants Greek baby boy names,some people wants Gujarati girl names like that.So visit my site http://www.babynamesnumerology.com. By this site you can find your baby names with meaning & numerology. Thanks…

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