Books on Marriage

Economist husband and I are coming up on our 3-year anniversary. (Three years?! Already?)

Three years ago this time I was bouncing around Moscow like a ping-pong ball – excited, nervous, scared, happy; flashing my diamond ring around and working the word ‘wedding’ into conversations, just so everyone was clear.

Also about this time three years ago people started slipping me books on marriage. “Read this right before the wedding,” they’d say.

This is exactly the way I go about things. Before starting on any sort of new venture, I head to the library and read up on things. Interestingly enough, however dating and relationship books didn’t seem to help me at all. Actually, I’d say they really made things worse. Most of the relationship books I read when economist husband and I were getting to know each other really freaked me out. I kept comparing our relationship to the ones in the books, and panicking because we were so far from the presented ‘ideal’. 

The following books are the exception to that rule. All of these books really helped shape my view on marriage and relationships, and have inspired some concepts fundamental to our marriage…

1) The Power of a Praying Wife (by Stormie Omartian): hands-down the number one best book on marriage I have ever read. Totally practical and uplifting, it taught me to pray not nag; to support, not pressure. Good stuff.

2) The Hidden Art of Homemaking (by Edith Schaeffer): not a relationship book, per say, this one deserves to be on the list nonetheless. Starting our own family, I loved how this book explored creativity and art in the home. Highly recommended.

3) Love and Respect (by Emerson Eggerichs): We went through this book with some other international couples from our church. It explores the verses in Ephesians that talk about men loving their wives, and women respecting their husband. I’d never really given much thought to the concept of unconditional respect, and this book really expounded on that.

I’ve also had a friend recommend “The Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller. I think I’m going to start reading it. Have any of you gone through it? What do you think? Any other relationship books you’d recommend?

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1 Response to Books on Marriage

  1. foodiemonday says:

    We read For Men Only and For Women Only, both amazing books. We both read not only our copies, but also each other’s and made notes all through the chapters. Then we read them aloud with each other and discussed what was true or not true for us. It helped us understand each other, but more importantly, ourselves and gave us a common language to use when we communicate. I HIGHLY recommend both books!
    ~elizabeth o’b

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