Moscow Street Fashion

Evgenia – from

The Moscow ‘Look At Me’ online magazine posts pictures of street fashion from the Russian capital. (like the Sartorialist)

What do you think of these looks from Moscow?

Yana – from

Alexandr – from

Ksenia – from

Evgenia – from

Fashion is wishful thinking for me – I can’t bring myself to pay Moscow’s ridiculous prices, so I wait to go shopping until we’re in the U.S. Thus, I’m pretty out of date.

I love street watching, though. The clothes people wear here range from the ridiculous to the ultra-trendy. It’s not unusual to find Orthodox priests in black robes, babushki in Soviet-era dresses and headscarves, businessmen in suits, and young girls in the latest MaxMara dresses all sitting on the same metro bench.

Anatoly – from

Natalia – from

Rimma – from

More street fashion pictures at HERE.

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2 Responses to Moscow Street Fashion

  1. So fun to look at. It makes me instantly want to grab a scarf, or some heels and try to dress up my own style.

    Jennifer Dougan

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