Monday Morning

Good morning, dears! Did you have a nice weekend? Economist husband and I had to work this weekend, but the good news is that it looks like we’ve finally fixed our internet, so I can start posting around here regularly again!

I have to admit  it was kind of nice to have a little 2-week break from WordPress! I’m feeling more rested now and am excited to post on all the ideas I’ve been storing up. (Look forward to some posts on Soviet fashion, books, and other themes this week!)

SO, thank you for coming back to read! Here’s some of what’s been happening in Moscow the past few weeks…

1) Putin became Russia’s president (again)! This is his fourth stint as Russian leader (he’s been president for two terms and Prime Minister for one term already). He and Medvedev swapped places this week.

Putin and Medvedev drinking milk at Putin’s official residence (Source: ITAR-TASS)

I worked in the newsroom the day of Putin’s inauguration, and what stood out to all of us was how empty the whole ceremony was. The Kremlin set up camera’s on massive cranes near the Moscow river which showed beautiful, sweeping panorama’s of the city, and Putin’s motorcade making its way through a city that seemed totally deserted. We all couldn’t believe how empty the city was. When Obama was sworn in to office, the Washington Mall was PACKED with people clapping and cheering. The only people who turned out for Putin’s inauguration were a room-full of his own hand-picked ministers, officials and guests (including former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, interestingly enough) in the Kremlin. Isn’t that interesting? (Did you watch the inauguration? What did you think?)

2) Summer has come to Moscow!

The park out our window is heavy with green right now, and the air smells faintly of lilacs and apple blossoms (well, and car exhaust, if you must know). I’ve been enjoying the city fountains, the green, not wearing a heavy coat outdoors, and long walks after work….What’s the weather like where you’re at??

3) The first weekend in May economist husband and I went for a lovely visit to our friends who live in a small city several hours drive outside of Moscow. It was SO GOOD to get out of Moscow! We had a wonderful rest, and such a great time with our friends.

Borscht picnic outside

I’d forgotten what fantastic cooks this family happens to be! We gorged ourselves on Ukrainian food, and good company!

So……how have you been the past few weeks?

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2 Responses to Monday Morning

  1. Phyllis says:

    Sigh. Even that samovar is familiar. I still miss everyone there.

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