Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! The May holiday season has begun here in Russia – two three-day weekends in a row!

Economist husband and I went out of town to visit friends this last weekend (it was wonderful, refreshing and a much-needed rest – I’ll put up a few pictures later), and next weekend is Victory Day.

The trees are covered with tiny neon-green leaves, the city fountains have been turned on and summer is really on its way. I love May holidays either at the dacha, enjoying the fresh air, or in the city enjoying the quiet with everyone else away at their dacha’s!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate May Day?

P.S. our internet is still really spotty, so posting will continue to be intermittent through the beginning of May….

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One Response to Happy May Day!

  1. Hi, I couldn’t get the blogging link to work.
    How are you? You are oddly quiet over there this week. Are you okay? 🙂
    Jennifer Dougan

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