New Russian Classics

"Area" by Olena Yashchuk

If Kandinsky, Chagall, and Repin are among the greats of Russia’s artistic past, who are Russia’s new classic artists?

I’m no art critic – not by a long shot – but here are a few paintings from current Russian artists that I really like…

"The Tseiloinskiy Tea" - by Lusy Voronova

painting by Lusy Voronova

The above paintings are by Lusy Voronova. I am fascinated by her work – she paints rather flat-looking people on fantastical backgrounds. Her portraits make me wonder about people’s personalities, and the beauty of ordinary people’s hidden inner lives.

"Heavy Sky II" by Jacob Jugashvili

"Heavy Sky V" by Jacob Djugashvili

Jacob Djugashvili is actually Georgian, not Russian, and he is, if I understand correctly, actually Josef Stalin’s great grandson…His paintings are incredibly beautiful and look a bit like delicious cake frosting!

"Sea Life" by Olena Yashchuk

Olena Yashchuk is Ukrainian, and she also painted the Red Square painting “Area” above…beautiful colors…

"Winter in Moscow" by Pavel Efanov

"Lake No. 2" by Pavel Efanov

Pavel Efanov is a Moscow-based artist…

Obviously, I’m no art specialist. Lusy Voronova’s work are the only paintings I’ve actually seen in person. What do you think of these artists (you can click on the paintings to go see more of their portfolio’s online)? What current Russian artists am I missing??

P.S. have you ever purchased a piece of art/painting? I just have calendars and posters up in our home…I’ve always assumed that art was too expensive, but maybe I’m wrong? Here and here are a few sites designed to make art accessible…

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3 Responses to New Russian Classics

  1. Suz says:

    Liked them all! Thanks for sharing. Particularly like Jacob Djugashvili’s pictures and Pavel Efanov’s “Winter in Moscow.”

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