Burning skyscrapers and other excuses for inconsistent blogging

Yesterday was a little nuts at work..!

We thought we were all done for the day, but then this started:

Photo by the talented Kristin Boyd...click to check out her website

A skyscraper caught fire in central Moscow! My friend Kristin Boyd snapped the above picture on her way home. Economist Husband said he could see the flames from our living room window…crazy!

Here’s a You Tube video that shows helicopters trying to put out the flames. (My knowledge of Russian cuss words isn’t great, but I think there might be a few in the video’s narrative, so be forewarned!)

All that in addition to this and this made for a bit of a crazy day at work…

So how was your Monday night?

P.S. link to Kristin Boyd’s site and link to the original YouTube video

P.P.S. A great quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Dwight Edwards (wouldn’t you agree?)

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