Watching ballet at the Bolshoi…for free!

Photo by Suzy from Vogue article "Ballet Beautiful"

Do you like ballet? Have you ever been to the Bolshoi? I didn’t think I liked ballet until I went to a performance of ‘Reflections‘ at the Bolshoi Theater last year. It was incredible! The music! The dancing! The art! I was totally swept away and left the theater feeling inspired.

Now you can watch ballet performances LIVE on the Bolshoi’s YouTube channel…for FREE! The BBC featured a story on it a few weeks ago (which you can watch here)

Sadly, you can only watch the live streams if you have a Russian IP address, but if you’re outside of the country you can see lots of other cool videos on their channel

What about you? Do you like ballet? Hate it? What about opera? Do you have a favorite YouTube channel?

P.S. What it’s like to film at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and interviewing American Dancers at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

P.P.S. The beautiful picture above is taken from an interesting Vogue article about how Natalie Portman trained for her role as a ballerina in Black Swan…really interesting!

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