Scandinavian Noir

Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig having coffee as their characters, presumably solve murder mysteries (image by Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc., via

Don’t you love a good read? These books – a crime trilogy set in Sweden by Steig Larsson – get in your head. I’ve been reading them on the metro, at lunch breaks, and sitting on my couch at home for the past couple weeks. I love opening the paperbacks and dropping into the dark, dangerous streets of winter Stockholm.

Lisbeth Salander is such a cool heroine – you can practically hear the rock music playing in the background as she smokes her cigarette, opens her laptop and figures out how to destroy bad guys.

And there are a lot of bad guys. The books are dark and scary – very heavy, very nasty stuff. Definitely rated R, definitely 18+ material.

But they’re a fantastic read – I’ve never liked crime books before, but these were a fascinating, page-turning, surprising read. Sweden is not a place you think about for dark, twisted murder mysteries. Also, I love how just about every page has one of the characters drinking coffee, carrying coffee, or turning on a coffee machine. Steig Larsson must have been a caffeine addict.

Have you read the books? Have you seen the movie? What did you think??

“It was strange to awake to utter silence. Blomkvist passed from deep sleep to total alertness in a fraction of a second, and then lay still, listening. It was cold in the room. He turned his head and looked at his wristwatch on a stool next to the bed. It was 7:08 – he had never been much of a morning person, and it used to be hard for him to wake up without having at least two alarm clocks. Today he had woken all by himself, and he even felt rested.

He put some water on for coffee…”

– Steig Larsson The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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4 Responses to Scandinavian Noir

  1. Glad you enjoyed the book – I couldn’t get on with it at all, and Lisbeth really irked me!

  2. Suz says:

    I liked the book but I couldn’t stomach the movie. It was a curious experience. Seeing the first movie turned me off completely.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Will just finished the books, so we have them lying around here. I thought they weren’t my kind of book, so I haven’t even looked at them. Maybe I will. He did enjoy them. We’re not big movie people, though; we’ll probably never watch it.

  4. It’s so interesting to hear all your thoughts! I just finished the last book tonight – finally I can move on with my life! 🙂 Suz, about seeing the movie – I’ve wondered about that. The books are so intense, I’ve wondered if I wouldn’t be able to handle the movie….Guess we’ll have to see…
    Any good book recommendations, by the way, now that I’m done with Lisbeth Salander?

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