March Weekend in Moscow region


Last weekend we went to visit economist husband’s cousin in Moscow region.

walking in the woods...

The weather was perfect – not too cold, but just chilly enough to keep the snow from melting and soaking into your valenki.

valenki in the snow

This is what I love about living in Russia: sunny, pine-scented walks through the woods, warm woolen valenki keeping your feet toasty warm, talking with friends about all sorts of forbidden topics like religion, politics, philosophy. Hot tea from a samovar, sitting around a crackling fire in discussions that sound like arguments, but aren’t.


getting pushed into the snow

sun in the window...

Russia's favorite tandem - now immortalized in a fashionable clock poster for your wall.

tea, wine, cheese, stuffed olives, fire in the fireplace - all the ingredients necessary for a great afternoon...!

Tulips for Women's Day - it may be snowy outside, but spring is definitely on the way!

What a lovely, relaxing weekend!

P.S. the perfect soundtrack for relaxing inside with friends while debating politics and religion, sipping on tea, and nibbling sandwiches…

P.P.S. past trips to the dacha at New Year’s, and in the fall

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2 Responses to March Weekend in Moscow region

  1. Phyllis says:


  2. Ha! 🙂 Me too!!! 🙂

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