Spring in Kamchatka….

photo by Ilya Stepanov (http://fotomm.livejournal.com/)

Happy International Women’s Day! It’s a big holiday here, and, similar to Valentine’s Day, people either love it or hate it. I like getting flowers, so I generally like it…! Also, it’s always felt like a mark for the beginning of spring…

You can feel spring in the air now and see it in the mid-evening shadows. I’m so glad that winter is almost over! I can’t wait for green trees, and warm weather, and being able to go outside without heavy boots!

Russia is so extreme! I feel like I can literally sense the globe spinning here. Weather rushes from freezing cold to boiling hot, and sunlight and shadows wax and wane dramatically with white nights in summer, and short, gray days in winter.

Isn’t this a cool photo project from a hike in Kamchatka, Russia? Doesn’t it make you hungry for spring? I think the photos were actually taken in July, but they look like spring…

photo by Ilya Stepanov (http://fotomm.livejournal.com/

photo by Ilya Stepanov (http://fotomm.livejournal.com/)

photo by Ilya Stepanov (http://fotomm.livejournal.com/)

photo by Ilya Stepanov (http://fotomm.livejournal.com/)

We don’t have flowers yet in Moscow (other than the ones sold at kiosks for Women’s Day) – just freezing cold and ice still, but spring is still on the way….

P.S. Did you know that Central Asia is believed to be the birthplace of tulips??? Go figure! The BBC did a picture story about wild tulips in Kazakhstan last year. Check it out – it’s absolutely transcendent, I think.

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