Russia’s next president (part II)

photo by Ilya Varlamov

While a huge number of Russians seem like they’re planning to vote for Putin on Sunday, opposition to the current Prime Minister (ranked the number 2 most powerful person in the world by Forbes magazine) has never been higher here!

On Sunday, as economist husband and I were leaving church we saw a line of people standing on a bridge in the distance. It freaked us out a little at first – they were just standing there, holding hands and not moving. As we drove closer to see what was going on we got more and more excited. The line was part of a huge opposition protest that had thousands of Russians holding hands to make a 10-mile circle around Moscow.

We were so excited to see them all out there that we started honking our horns, and yelling “Молоцы!” and “За честные выборы!” (“Way to go! All for fair elections!”) out the window. We weren’t the only ones. There were tons of cars giving friendly honks, and flying white ribbons and balloons along with us.

photo by Ilya Varlamov

photo by Ilya Varlamov

I’ve never seen anything like this in Moscow before, and neither have any of my colleagues. Definitely not since Putin’s been in power. Everyone’s holding their breath until the elections are over.

What do you think of Moscow’s recent protests? Who do you think will be Russia’s next president?

If nothing else, I get excited about Russians seemingly waking up, and suddenly realizing that they have a voice.

The Guardian came out with a cool video feature on the protests that I thought was pretty well done. Check it out HERE.

P.S. check out the rest of blogger Ilya Varlamov’s photo project from this Sunday’s “White Circle” protest HERE.

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