Stress and Thanks: Weekday Faith

photo taken by the talented Kristin Boyd

What stresses you out? What do you do when you’re stressed?

I’ve been fighting panic about my job this week. With the terms of my contract changing it feels a bit like rejection, and like I’m losing my legitimacy, not to mention a bunch of benefits.

It’s tempting when I’m worried about the future, and feeling a bit insecure to react emotionally; snap at my boss or coworkers, ensnare economist husband in my vortex of negative emotions, or just spend too much energy panicking about something when I just need to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

photo taken by the talented Kristin Boyd

Sitting on the bus on the way home yesterday, I could feel it starting: the worry, the panic, the what-if’s. Looking out the fogged-up windows, I couldn’t distract myself with reading a book, or making a phone call. The only place I can rest when I’m really upset is prayer.

There are different types of prayers. For example there are:

  • Help me! prayers
  • Remembering prayers
  • Thank you prayers

I tried all three.

And it helped! Remembering all the great things God has done for you, and thanking Him both for what He’s already done, and for the promise that He’s going to continue to bless you in the future is extremely calming. Thankfulness is the only way I know of to get rid of stress.

Thanks, God, for:

  • the first scents of Black Russian Spring in the air; snow melting, sky clouding – the promise that spring will come after Russia’s long cold.
  • Wisdom from economist husband over the phone that gives me perspective
  • I have a GREAT job!
  • friends at work, friends at Bible study
  • the time to reevaluate; the time to transition
  • cinnamon rolls with a friend
  • pot of honey near the tea kettle, gray outside the window
  • the bizarre, cheerful, broken-door маршрутка ride this morning
  • new ideas, new projects, new opportunities.
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