Protesting is the new black….

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There have been four massive opposition protests in the 2.5 months since widespread allegation of election fraud followed Russia’s parliamentary elections in December.

We’re talking tens of thousands of people taking to the streets, demanding that Putin leave office. They’re the biggest protests this country has seen since V.V. (Vladimir Vladimirovich) himself took office in 1999.

An article* came out yesterday talking about how joining the protests has become trendy in Moscow, and tying a pro-opposition white ribbon onto your purse or car has become a new fashion statement.

Trendy may be an understatement, but almost everyone we’ve polled on the streets lately has been sympathetic to the protests.

I’m not sure that we’re quite ready for Navalny (an opposition leader) paper dolls, but the atmosphere in Moscow now as compared to November of last year is radically different…

image from blog

Do you have any thoughts on Russia’s recent protests?

*”White Protest Ribbons All the Rage For Chic Russians” -by Lydia Kelly for Reuters

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