Valentine’s Day Countdown (it’s tomorrow!)

Первый парень на деревне. Олег Кудачкин (дер. Коршево, Воронежская обл)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s a bit of torture for economist husband because it’s not a Russian holiday and it feels kind of insincere to celebrate it. I’m going to venture that we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Do you like Valentine’s Day? Do you find it depressing? Annoying?

In theory, though, I really like a holiday dedicated to celebrating love. Do you have any creative traditions to go along with Valentine’s Day???? Any great gift ideas? Here are two ideas I really like:

1) For daughters: When I was little my dad used to give my sister and I a flower on Valentine’s Day. It was never anything expensive – just one little pink carnation or something, but it made us feel so special. I remember that he actually came to school when I was in second grade to bring me a flower. I got to go out of class, and there was my dad waiting with a hug and a little flower in a water tube for me! My mom also used to have little surprises for us like chocolate on our breakfast plates for Valentine’s Day morning, but there was something extra special about being a girl, and getting a pretty flower from your dad…

2) For spouses: I went to a wedding shower this weekend, and one of the girls had a great, and really creative gift for the bride. She framed a little white board with the words “I love you because…..” and included a dry erase marker. The idea is to hang up the board (maybe by the door to see as you leave??), and change the ending of the sentence every day. Isn’t that a great idea?

Picture from blog "Kiki creates"

What about you? Do you have any great gift ideas or traditions you pull out on Valentine’s Day to make your loved ones feel special?? Men, I think, are particularly hard to get gifts for….any ideas???

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