Happy Friday (with links!)

Happy Friday! Economist husband has the weekend off, and I’m going in (after a nice 3-day break from work) to the office. We’re looking forward to meeting some friends for dinner tonight at an Australian restaurant in town…

What are your plans for the weekend?

I’ve finally added a ‘links’ section to my blog! (see above)

Here are some of the blogs and sites I like to follow:


  • Jeff Goins, Writer: this is a great site. The author posts a steady stream of practical, encouraging articles about writing, publishing, and creativity.
  • Advice to Writers: Simple and to the point – this site has one quote a day from a writer.
  • The Other Side of the Story: I just discovered this blog – really interesting and useful posts on everything from writing, plotting and editing to publishing.
  • The Bookshelf Muse: This blog has interesting character, emotion and setting thesauruses, helping you think about different elements of fiction story-telling
  • Rachelle Gardner: A literary agent with all sorts of great, practical advice about publishing.
  • the Village: Great Moscow blog, with all sorts of interesting posts and stories about places and trends in Moscow (in Russian):
  • Russia Lite: An eloquent writer, and fellow American married to a Russian. I always find myself going “I can totally relate!” to her posts.
  • English Russia: beautiful photography from around the former CIS. I’m always getting feature TV story ideas from this site
  • Ann Voskamp: Classic. From the author of “One Thousand Gifts” beautiful, honest, and convicting posts. Always a good challenge.
  • Jottings from Jennifer: A beautifully-written blog from my former youth pastor’s wife.
  • Donald Miller’s blog: From one of my favorite authors – not only a great writer, I feel like he addresses so many issues that Christians in my generation are thinking about..
  • Chatting at the Sky: Creativity and faith and good photography.
  • Apartment Therapy: I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this site, but if not, check it out. They’ve got kitchen, DIY, home, family and technology feeds.
  • Design Mom: beautiful blog with family-friendly design ideas and discussions
  • Creature Comforts: I love her color palette inspiration posts
  • Pinterest: Not that you need ME to tell you how addictive it is…finally someone thought of a way to collect all those great online images you’re always wanting to save.
  • Smitten Kitchen: again, you don’t need me to tell you about this blog. Read with caution – her recipes are amazing and could cause weight gain.
  • Rachel Eats: my absolute favorite food blog full of delicious Italian recipes. Sometimes I wish we lived in Italy. Why did I choose to study Russian instead of Italian?? (confession: I’ll take minestrone over borsch ANY day of the week!!)
  • The Moscovore: If you must have a Russian food blog. Really, borsch is pretty good. As is just about every other Russian soup. Also, Russians are THE authority on potatoes.
  • Cup of Jo: the classic – she has posts on everything from being a mom to relationships to travel and fashion. A daily stop.
  • The Happiness Project: a project…to be happy!
  • L’antipodeuse: I’m always inspired to take pictures after this site and learn more about photography.
  • Marta Writes: I thought this was going to be a site about writing, but I got stuck on it with all her great posts about family and design….
  • Going Slowly: a blog by my cousin, documenting his bicycle trip around the world. Fascinating – you can read it like a novel.
  • Seven Gray Sweaters: simplicity, health and nutrition and family.

What about you? What are you following? have I missed any really fantastic blogs??)

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2 Responses to Happy Friday (with links!)

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Remember those choose your own adventure stories? My fingers would soon be twisted into five different bookmark-holding spots. These links remind me of that. So many fun options… Let me put a pinky in here, a ring finger here… and we’re off! 🙂 Thanks for the shout out too.
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Hey Jen, I love reading your blog! and I DO remember those choose your own adventure stories! I went through about a year when I was constantly checking them out of the library…great memories 🙂 i even attempted to write my own Russian-spy version in junior high…

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