Having a job is the new raise

picture credit: someecards.com

It’s sad, but true! Having a job is the new raise!

Did you know that almost 50% of people under 25 in Spain are unemployed??? Isn’t that insane?

I have a job now that I love, but my contract will change soon meaning that, although I get to keep working there I’ll get a significant reduction in pay and lose most of my benefits.

It’s not completely unexpected – I knew when I signed up for this job that that was a possibility, and I’m also not the only one to find myself in a situation like this. I know quite a few friends who have had a similar situation or are expecting to face something like this soon.

So, although, I love what I do, I’m starting to look around and think about other options.

I really liked this video posted on Reuters the other day. Can’t get a job? Become your own boss!

Isn’t that a cool story?? (on a number of levels – what a brilliantly edited piece as well! Such fantastic visual story-telling!)

If you could start your own business, what would you go into? Have you ever tried to do something like that?

The other week economist husband help me register in Russia as an individual entrepreneur. That’s something I couldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago, fresh out of my university’s lib ed program. Back then the world of business and entrepreneurship felt like another planet. If you needed help with 20th century Russian history, or someone to coach you on genitive plural noun endings, I was your girl, but talking about business made me cringe.

Now I get excited about it. My registration will basically mean that I can officially do freelance work here, but my brain is still churning with ideas for what might be next in journalism, writing, filming or other forms of story-telling professionally.

What about you? What’s your job situation? Are you looking for work? Is it easy to get a job where you’re at? What’s the best job hunting advice you’ve gotten lately? Seriously, I’d love to hear it!

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