Valentine’s Day Countdown: How to give a gift to your spouse

I wish there was a better word for the person who’s your best friend, life-long partner, romantic soul-mate and lover than “spouse”. There’s got to be a better word – something that doesn’t rhyme with “louse”….

Anyway, Valentines Day is almost here. How will you celebrate? Economist husband and I will most likely be working late at the office, but in honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share a quote on serving/giving to your spouse in marriage that I really liked.

“Understanding what your mate is attracted to, be it strength or beauty, and giving that to them is a way of serving them.” – Donald Miller

What do you think? How do you serve your spouse (or if you don’t like the word serve, how do you like to bless your spouse?)? How do you want to serve/bless them?

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