Happy Friday!

from Best of Russia photography contest

It’s been SO COLD this week! I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday working on weather stories from around Russia with video of icicles, the frozen Caspian Sea, birds dying in the Crimea and people having their frost-bitten fingers bandaged in Ukrainian hospitals.

Is it cold where you’re at? What are you doing to stay warm? Here’s my top 5 for beating the bone-chilling cold.

1) Stay indoors. Maybe read a book. Why would you go outside? Why?

from earl greys tumblr

2) Eat mandarin oranges and pineapple! You’ll feel better.

photo from Wit+Delight tumbler

3) Stretch away the stress. (after hanging out with ballerina’s this week I was inspired…). Wholeliving.com has a nice anti-stress stretch tutorial.

From wholeliving.com

4) If you MUST go outside, wear a scarf! (Russian babushki sometimes know what they’re talking about – bundle up!!)

linen scarf on etsy

5) Roast some potatoes for dinner. I’m trying this recipe for salt and vinegar potatoes tonight…

recipe/picture from Umami Girl

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3 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Phyllis says:

    Hah! Why go outside? Come visit us, and you’ll know why. Plus, the sun shines when it’s this cold.

  2. Phyllis, good point about the sun. It’s gorgeous when it’s this snapping cold…! Jen, beautiful frost pics!

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