January Thanks

*a lovely quote, pinned off of http://www.anmagritt.no/

Economist husband and I had a few rough days re-entering Moscow after our fantastic stateside holidays, but I think we’ve come out OK on the other side.

I think Mr. Henry Ward Beecher is right – happiness is found right where you are, NOT on the greener grass in your neighbor’s yard!

SO, here’s my ode to being in Moscow right now, and NOT in the U.S.A.

I don’t have:

  • the lovely house
  • the suburban yard
  • the family surroundings
  • the carefully-curated interior design
  • the abundance of nice cheap restaurants
  • the community of life-long friends
  • public libraries brimming with thousands of English books
  • the garden in my back yard
  • a car
  • the ability to go somewhere in your car without facing hours of traffic jams
  • decent health care

However, I DO have

  • the city
  • the humming metro
  • the eighth-floor, skyscraper horizon, million-window view
  • the hurry-burry journalist job
  • the sometimes-pathetic church
  • in-laws just through the park
  •  economist husband all to myself!
  • the in-and-out, carousel ex-pat friends
  • the Kindle with millions of English-language books just a click away
  • family on Skype
  • the Uzbek bakery just across the courtyard where you can get fresh-out-of-the-tandoor lepeshka for only 25 rubles!
  • Russian coworkers, Russian friends
  • Russian holidays (there are so many of them! Let’s hear it for 16 state bank holidays a year!)
  • Only 13% taxes!

I like the verse from Ecclesiastes:

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”    -Ecclesiastes 3:1

What about you? What do you wish you had in your life right now? What incredible things are you overlooking in your life RIGHT NOW?

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2 Responses to January Thanks

  1. Wow, I love that quote so much! That’s something I’ve been working on, trying to capture the special little moments and things every day with my camera. It’s amazing how much more happy and grateful I feel.

    I really am amazingly lucky to be staying home to care for my baby right now, but I need to remind myself of that quite often as it’s such a big adjustment. 🙂

  2. Well said, Amy. I really enjoy reading your Meret updates and seeing all her adorable baby pictures. I’ve had the exact opposite experience of what you’re describing – being so tired at work that I want to go on maternity leave just for a break. (Not the best of motivations to produce offspring!) thanks for the great comment…

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