a Russian Village

Making tea with the family samovar

Russia is so exotic and beautiful. Deep down, when I’m done complaining about how frustrating this place can be, I am actually a russophile at heart.

Check out these beautiful photographs by Ksenia Diodorova. I love how she’s captured the harshness of life in Russia while picking up on the beautiful human moments of joy and hope and strength and lovely quirkiness:

I bet the smell of that black bread is amazing

old man and his cow

nothing better than the impromptu accordion jam

people are awesome - I wonder how long it took them to make all those crazy rag rugs? I bet that's what their grandkids get for a birthday present every year...

I knew a Russian family like this where everyone would pile onto the motorcycle (complete with batman-worthy sidecar!) for a trip into town

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3 Responses to a Russian Village

  1. Wow, God made fascinating and beautiful people around the world!
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Phyllis says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! You probably already know that I’m a hopeless russophile.

  3. Phyllis, I guessed it! 😉
    Jen, I agree – I love the process of moving from fascination to culture shock, to getting to a place where you can find something in common despite vast cultural/language differences….you would know!

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