Breakfast in NYC

We LOVE New York.

I mean, Minnesota was great. Cold, clean, quiet, friendly, lots of family and friends.

But New York writes itself.

The buzz, the hurry, the culture that blinks out at you everywhere you look like a neon deli sign, the in-your-face take-it-or-leave-it attitude, the random bizarre-ness.

We had a 26-hour layover. It’s becoming a tradition of ours to stay over here in-between Moscow and Minnesota. It’s like the most awesome date night ever to drop in for a day and take the city in by gulps.

We flew into JFK late and took the AirTran into Manhattan (super easy, by the way, if you happen to have a long layover in NYC coming up. It’s only about an hour ride and almost impossible to get lost).

We had a cheap hotel in the Upper West Side. (Clean and safe, but tiny, bare minimum and a terrible slanting mattress). The staff was really sweet though and gave us great advice about a nearby burger place for dinner.

We spent the next morning sipping coffee on Broadway and 82nd and then strolled through Central Park – gray and green in January – to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (There wasn’t enough time to go through the museum, but we took a peek in, bought a calendar, and promised to visit next time we’re in the city)

A lot of places still had Christmas decorations, but it was funny to see all the sidewalks littered with discarded Christmas trees just a few days after the New Year.

Living in a city makes a lot of people more introverted I think. There’s less community in cities in some ways, or at least it’s more transient than communities in the ‘burbs. I think my personality vascillates between introvert and extrovert depending on where I am. I’m much more talkative and outgoing in Minnesota, but I tend to clam up in Moscow.

For poor, introverted, city-raised, economist husband New York was something of a relief. After an entire month of living with his in-laws and spending lots of time with my friends, he loved it being just the two of us in NYC. I did too! 🙂

We loved out New York city layover. It’s fun to visit, but I don’t think we’d live there. Even economist husband said he preferred Minnesota’s big, clean houses and yards. We like the prices, the safety, and how unnervingly kind and open everyone is there.

What about you? Do you have any favorite places to visit?

P.S. enjoy this video about New York types:

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