Notes from the Road: Florida Thanks

I’m in Florida with the window open, sitting on a bed with chlorine-scented damp on the ends of my hair, sunburn on my feet, and relaxed after an evening in the hot tub with my sister and brother-in-law.

Vacation is just like any other day, except I’m more relaxed, and eat more food and am more energized because I get to be with economist husband and my sister and mom all day long!

There is so much to be thankful for!

  • 336. the hot shower this morning
  • 337. green grass, palm trees
  • 338. waterfall noise out the window
  • 339. the guy who made our sandwiches at Subway this morning (and the pregnant lady who came in and flirted with him) – he was so serious about his job and good at it.
  • 340. they’re making “The Hunger Games” into a movie!
  • 341. That I have an awesome paid vacation and don’t have to go in to work for another two weeks
  • 342. the sunshine this morning and the warm air
  • 343. walking on the escalator with my pregnant sister, excited about Harry Potter World
  • 344. sitting on Starbucks couches with everyone, sipping coffee, talking, resting our legs
  • 345. snuggling with economist husband in line, feeling his arms and his strong, steady love and support and pretty much endless patience
  • 346. screaming and laughing and flipping on the roller coaster and coming off dizzy
  • 347. the violently violet flowers on the tree at dusk
  • 348. seeing the lights come out at night on Harry Potter world
  • 349. late night at a greasy Waffle House with a cranky sister
  • 350. sitting and talking in the hot tub with sister and brother-in-law: the perfect night.
  • 351. long car-rides in the back, in the middle with the hump
  • 352. getting lost in a book on the beach
  • 353. husband and brother-in-law bonding over beer
  • 354. walking outside in the grass in my bare feet
  • 355. a long talk with economist husband, riding around the resort pool “lazy river”




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