cheesey cheese - American size

Oh America, I miss you!

Big streets, over-sized cars and dinner plates, people with friendly wide-open faces, cheesey smiles, loud American accents. New York volume; Minnesota sweaters.

A few weeks ago at work we got some video material in from Kyrgyzstan, and there was a surprise on it for me. In the middle of the dusty Bishkek streets, rattling Zhiguli cars, and lepeshka flat bread there was a guy with a shaved head and sunglasses who gave an interview in U.S. English! I swear he was from Wisconsin or something – I kept replaying the video just to hear his American accent.

It’s not that I don’t know any other Americans here – they just kind of get drowned out by all the Russian-ness we’re living in. I love Russia, but I miss America.

Economist husband and I are going to the U.S. to visit family soon. I’m going to take a break from posting for a few weeks and just try to drink up all the time with my amazing family and all the unnervingly friendly Minnesotans they live with.

See you back here in a few weeks! Merry Christmas!

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One Response to America!

  1. MMm, cheeses! But actually the best cheeses are probably back on your continent, well, the Europe-side.
    How long are you MNbound? Time for a coffee out?
    Jennifer Dougan

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