Winter’s here!

Winter blew into Moscow this week.

It started with a crystal-bright cold snap:

And then it snowed!

(so I leaned out the window to take some pictures)

Annie Dillard on winter:

“Outside, everything has opened up. Winter clear-cuts and reseeds the easy way…The woods are acres of sticks; I could walk to the Gulf of Mexico in a straight line. When the leaves fall the striptease is over; things stand mute and revealed. Everywhere skies extend, vistas deepen, walls become windows, doors open…All that summer conceals, winter reveals…”

See? Winter can be beautiful too! What’s your favorite part of the cold season?

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1 Response to Winter’s here!

  1. Phyllis says:

    I actually love winter! My favorite parts are SNOW, really cold days when the sky is clear and even the air sparkles, quiet evenings at home, Advent, Christmas, and–in Ukraine–caroling.

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