What to do when it gets dark…

It’s that time of year again – the dark side of October. Indian summer sunshine and the golden glow are gone. The days are cold and gray now – all muddy streets and naked trees and dull skies – Winnie the Pooh’s “blustery day”. The last few red and orange leaves are like stubborn flags – Custer’s last stand before winter blows in and takes over.

So, what should you do when it gets dark and there’s no sunshine even during the day?? Here’s my top survival tips of things to do to avoid the late-autumn and winter blues:

  1. Go to bed early, wake up with the dawn
  2. Make your husband (or roommate or mom) breakfast, or even just a cup of coffee before the hectic workday begins
  3. Take some vitamin D supplements
  4. Remember that Paris is gray most of the year and it’s the most romantic city in the world!
  5. Check some books out of the library – not what you should read, but that nerdy sci-fi book you know you’ll like, or even better, a children’s adventure story
  6. Drink coffee in the the morning and hot mint tea in the afternoon.
  • 7. Light some candles
  • 8. Eat lots of salads, roast vegetables (have you tried roast carrots and cauliflower – it’s incredible!), and healthy foods
  • 9. Meet your girlfriends for breakfast and Bible study
  • 10. Count your blessings
  • 11. Turn on some music or a sermon and clean your house/apartment (trust me, you’ll feel better)

  • 12. Look to Scandinavian interior design for inspiration – they’ve got the warm woods, and white-bright interiors down to an art form
  • 13. Study your Bible. Pour yourself a good cup of coffee, get out some pens and paper, say a prayer asking God to give you understanding and dig in! Read just a short passage and try to figure out what does this say about God? What rules for life are in this passage? What’s God trying to say to me through this?
  • 14. Start in on a project you’re really excited about
  • 15. Draw, paint, knit – make something! Be creative!

  • 16. Take care of your skin, and wear nice clothes so you feel pretty
  • 17. Work hard – throw yourself into it
  • 18. Put on a warm hat, coat, scarf and shoes and go for a walk even though it’s cold out. As they say in Denmark – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.
  • 19. Enjoy your life! This is it! This is it! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
What do you do to survive the gray days and winter dark?

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One Response to What to do when it gets dark…

  1. Maryfran Shockman says:

    I do like the Danish saying – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. I wouldn’t have attributed that to the Danes. You forgot our favorite of planning a family escape to warmer areas.

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