Minnesota Tourist

Economist husband and I just bought plane tickets to Minnesota! For three weeks! For Christmas!

It’s always exciting to buy plane tickets – it feels like opening a high-up window and getting a breath of fresh air. You taste a little freedom and feel like you’re not as tied down.

I’m excited mostly to see family and friends, and for an American Christmas with lasagna, wine, family and grandpa reading “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” I can’t wait to take my little brother out to breakfast, see my beautiful pregnant sister, and do fun things with my mom.

And then, after we got our travel itineraries emailed to us from Delta, we started to think…Minnesota…for three weeks…in the middle of the freezing winter….what on earth are we going to do????

So, I started to brainstorm – what does one do as a tourist for three weeks in a Minnesota winter?

1) Visit the American Swedish Institute:

Tour the cool old castle and visit the museum shop

Slojd (Swedish handcraft) workshops!

2) Take economist husband salsa dancing, and then out for hamburgers and milkshakes at some of my old college haunts:

3) Take everyone somewhere where they’ll laugh all night:

Comedy Spotz!

4) Afternoon date at Barnes and Noble:

reading, talking, sipping coffee

5) Soak up a little mid-winter green at the Como Conservatory:

5) More museums:

Free admission at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minnesota Science Museum!

6) Eating out at some of our favorite places:

Chinese buffet!

Panera Bread!

Any recommendations? What would YOU do if you were in MN for a 3-week vacation in January (besides fly to Florida?)?

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1 Response to Minnesota Tourist

  1. maryfran says:

    Especially love the idea of doing fun things with Mom!

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