Modern Rustic

our kitchen table

I’ve been having vivid dreams about decorating lately – nesting is on the brain! I love thinking about interior design – colors, furniture, room arrangement and different ways to make your house feel like a warm, inviting, practical home.

Economist husband and I have had lots of conversations about what we want our future home to look like and about our tastes in decor. We both like wide open interiors with high ceilings, big windows, and lots of natural wood colors.

Le Pain Communal Table

We love eating out at the Belgian chain restaurant Le Pain Quotidien, with its yummy homemade breads, wood farm tables and stained glass interior. We’ve said lots of times before that we would love our future kitchen to look just like Le Pain.

Browsing online today I found out that there’s actually a name for our preferred style of interior decor: Modern Rustic. And it’s actually a pretty popular trend. offered some good advice for cultivating the back-to-basics “Modern Rustic” look which usually includes, as they say, “lots of wood, neutral colors, and simple forms. It combines the handmade quality of earlier American decor (like Shaker furniture or Colonial ladderback chairs) with the clean lines and airy interiors of mid-century modernism.”

Their advice is to:

1) “Take what you’ve got and get rid of anything that’s made of chipboard or plastic or that has simply become clutter. Fix anything that’s broken.”

2) “Pare down to the minimum and see where you stand. Don’t worry if your kitchen table is from the home you grew up in (ours is too).”

3) Now, take your time and look around for a few things to put back in – things you love, which are well made and which are useful. Just a few things. Things that make you happy. Things that sing the song you want to sing. And if it doesn’t work out, sell it or give it away. Keep your home flowing.

There are a few sites and stores I found that specialize in making/designing goods and collecting ideas for this style of interior design.

1) (UK clothing and house/home retailers)

2) Etsy (

I found this cool online site called Pinterest that lets you save images from the internet, like pinning them onto a cork board. It can be a bit addictive, but it’s fun to do:

What do you think? Do you have a favorite decor style??

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2 Responses to Modern Rustic

  1. maryfran says:

    Love the look!

  2. Phyllis says:

    I love this! Honestly, 10 years of living in rented, over-patterned, shabby, pre-cluttered apartments has pretty much turned off the part of my brain that thinks about decorating. I used to dream about a pretty house, though, and it looked like your pictures here. 🙂

    Now my ultimate happy thing in a home is at least a wall or two WITHOUT patterned wallpaper.

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