Moscow September

In Moscow Septembers the weather turns chilly, the skies turn gray and our central-heating radiator pipes are clammy and cold. Fall is here! The tell-tale signs are everywhere: yellow leaves, laundry that takes forever to dry in our chilled living room, and the ИКЕА catalog delivered to our mailbox.

I used to hate fall – it was like the death of summer and the precursor to months of dark, cold, unending winter. Since moving to Moscow, however, I’ve started to like fall. Summer in the city is stifling and uncomfortable, so when fall comes my thoughts turn to fresh air, rainy gray skies, hot cups of tea, interior decor, cooking loads of things in pots with potatoes, apples, onions and chicken, and cuddling up on the couch under layers of blankets until the Moscow city authorities decide to turn the heat on!

Here are some of my favorite things about autumn in Moscow:

  • All the Russian women who turn out in sophisticated clothes, mute colors, make-up, heels and boots
  • The gray skies. After visiting Paris I am able to think of them as more cultured and romantic than depressing!
  • cool weather that means hot soups, teas, and boiled potatoes with dill
  • Theatre and ballet seasons starting up

  • Visiting cousins at their Moscow region dachas
  • Listening to co-workers hold heated debates over the merits of various indigenous mushroom and apple varieties
  • Tasting said apple and mushroom varieties brought in from dachas by the bushel-full to be shared at the office or purchased from babushki sitting near the metro
  • Confetti leaves on the ground that make it seem like there’s always a party going on!

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