Moscow flea market

Look at this beautiful painting I found at a Moscow flea market the other day! I went with a few girlfriends from church. It was so fun to walk the long aisles of people selling old stuff from their apartments and dachas. I can’t imagine that they make very much money from selling old dishes and socks for 10-50 rubles. I think they do it because they enjoy it.

I didn’t buy the painting (it was too dirty on the back, and I knew there was no way I could clean it up). But I DID buy some pretty old Soviet plates and glasses. Later economist husband told me the glasses were meant to be for milk or water, but in the Soviet Union everyone used them to drink enormous gulps of vodka (of course!). He joked that I was promoting alcoholism with my purchases.

two plates and two milk (or vodka!) glasses

Economist husband doesn’t like them because they remind him of ugly, old Soviet things, but I think they’re really pretty, and they bring back great memories of sipping tea and eating sweet biscuits at summer camp in Viazniki, Vladimir and Peski when I was in high school.

Do you like antique and flea market shopping? What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found?


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