Moscow Mad Men

Economist husband and I have really gotten into the show Mad Men the last few weeks. We have the first two seasons on a hard drive, and have been watching an episode (or two!) when we come home from work at night. The costumes, design, and peeking into the insane (albeit highly dramatized) lives of 1960s New York ad men is so intriguing. We’re hooked.

We also have been joking a lot about how living in Moscow is like waking up in an episode of Mad Men.  I wonder what Russia would be like if they had a feminist and Civil Rights movement…??


  1. Copious amounts of alcohol are consumed at the office
  2. Everyone smokes
  3. Girls dress to the nines
  4. It’s commonly accepted practice to take off your wedding ring on business trips
  5. Everyone litters
  6. Off-color jokes about women, extra-marital affairs, Jews and anyone who’s not white are widely accepted.
And just for fun:
Find out what Mad Men character you are:
And listen to costume designer Janie Bryant talk about the new season’s wardrobe:

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