End of Summer Saturday

Waking up to rain-washed vibrant colors, breakfast crepes with economist husband, and a quiet afternoon with friends, sipping wine, nibbling on Spanish cheese and sausage, and long conversations over savory yellow paella. Just a few things to be thankful for this Saturday, resting after a tense week of work.

More End of Summer Thanks:

  • 323: days off
  • 324. dessert
  • 325. a successful green card interview
  • 326. an emailed thank you note from my boss
  • 327. waking up early
  • 328. beautiful weather
  • 329. new friends – God always provides
  • 330. a Saturday invitation to Spanish paella

so freaking delicious!!!!! (garlic, saffron, tomatoes, oil, chicken, water, rice, and two hours of simmering, plus a little red wine on the side will knock your brain out.)

  • 331. change
  • 332. my little sister is pregnant!!!
  • 333. rereading lovely old books.
  • 334. surprise skype with a dear friend
  • 335. The simple sweetness of just economist husband and I coming home to each other every night.
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