Quiet Summer

Moscow summers are quiet. Temperatures go up, necklines plunge, cherries and peaches show up at the fruit stands, and the city empties as everyone heads out to their dachas, or summer vacations.

It used to freak me out when the city got so quiet. My first summer in Moscow was a bit of a trauma with all my expat friends leaving in the beginning of June to go visit their families, and work slowing down as all my students took off on vacation.

Now I kind of like it though. I’m used to Moscow’s ebb and flow and the quiet summer months of hot days, air conditioned offices, overflowing fruit stands and silent telephones are kind of nice. It’s the perfect time to really buckle down at work, spend my entire weekend with economist husband, and have long, lazy hang-outs with the few friends that are still around.


  • 313. Lots of responsibility, and lots of extra work at the office while my boss is on vacation
  • 314. long skype talks with sister
  • 315. quiet summer picnic with economist husband
  • 316. ice cream
  • 317. picnics in the living room every night after the death of our Soviet-era refrigerator
  • 318. plum cake
  • 319. the ‘name game’ with friends
  • 320. skipping church for two weeks, and then remembering why we like it so much on the third week back
  • 321. good books
  • 322. fresh cherries, peaches, plums and babushka-cultivated herbs on the way home from the metro
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