Stormy July Night Panzanella

After a long, hot day – the sun so scorching that the pavement melts, and the trees wither…

When storm clouds start piling up beyond the farthest apartment towers that you can see west in Moscow…

And the wind whips shriveled leaves, dust, and newspapers up past the eleventh floor into the electrical lines…

If you’re wondering what to have for dinner, why not try some easy, delicious, stormy-summer-night-in-July panzanella?

It’s super easy! You just buy an eggplant, squash, onion, three tomatoes, and a pepper from your local fruit stand, some fresh purple basil and green parsley and garlic from the babushka outside the metro, and some lepeshka round bread from the Uzbek bakers near the bus stop (any bread will do, actually).

Then you cut up all the vegetables, and throw them in a pan in the oven with some olive oil, pepper, salt, garlic and freshly chopped basil/parsley, and fry the bread in whatever olive oil is left for voila! gorgeous, yummy panzanella!

Then sit back with your man and enjoy the food and the stormy night!

Our panzanella was adapted from this recipe online:

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