Paris Fashion

There were lots of stereotypes about Paris I didn’t expect to be true, but actually, most of them were. Paris at night along the Seine WAS romantic, people were wearing stripes, the waiters were rude, and we even saw mimes.

One of my favorite parts about our trip to Paris was just sitting outside a bakery with a cafe au lait or on the grass with some cheese and wine and watching people walk by. French women really do have effortless, classic, beautiful style.

Walking to dinner after visiting the Eiffel tower, I remember staring at one girl who was strolling home ahead of us on the street for like 10 minutes. She was wearing some simple sneaker-sweater-linen shirt combination and still managed to look chic, put-together and effortlessly gorgeous!

I think there are a few keys to Paris chic:

1) Monotone, mostly dark colors: Paris girls don’t wear bright clothing – creams, browns, dark blue, black, gray, beige – these are the main colors of a French girl’s wardrobe.

2) Quality over quantity: Paris girls buy a few excellent pieces and stick with them instead of tons of cheap WalMart t-shirts

3) Good Fit, clean lines: Paris girls wear clothes that fit well and wear nicely

4) Trim: Paris girls aren’t fat.

5) Comfortable shoes: Paris girls walk everywhere, probably the reason they’re so trim!

6) Simplify (!): Paris girls don’t make fashion difficult. Their style is effortless and totally uncomplicated. Remember the Coco Chanel quote: “Elegance is refusal.”

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