Notes From the Road: Venice

We love Venice!

Green canal lapping at the wall just out the filmy white curtain at our hotel window.

White-haired man slowly puttering the day’s catch home in his green-carpeted boat, and young man – tan with gold rings and talking on flashy cell phone with his hand on the wheel of a smooth wooden boat.

Church bells, water, slow saunters, goth waitresses, who just might turn into vampires at night, long nosed masks, mosquitoes, seafood, Miami-sun days, and long hot siesta afternoons.

Spare, cool hotel room with white walls and stone floors. I think I know why we like simplicity and minimalism. It’s because it gives us space to breathe, to taste, to enjoy. Starkness helps us savor I guess, and slow down.

I wish we could stretch these Venice days out into weeks – going slowly, savoring, enjoying.

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