May links

A few links from Sunday night browsing as the sun sets over Moscow, the lights come twinkling out and a garbage truck rumbles by outside…

1) VERY EXCITING SALADS: I can’t wait to eat something green! (from Salad Pride)

strawberries, parmesan cheese, and couscous

2) RUSSIA IS SUCH A COOL PLACE TO PHOTOGRAPH: I should bring my camera with me more often (from photographer Stepan Obruchkov)

photography by Stepan Obruchkov

by photographer stepan obruchkov

3) OK, WELL, SOMETIMES I DO TAKE MY CAMERA WITH ME AND GET INTERESTING SHOTS: (from the wedding economist husband and I went to today…)

it was pretty crowded - economist husband had to sit ahead of me squashed between these two babushki...

the tea, cake and sausage were pretty popular with all attendees post-ceremony

4) I LOVE RUSSIAN DOMIKI: Someday I’d like to live in a house with lots of trees and flowers (pictures from our Saturday trip to Moscow region)…

5) MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: A movie I’d like to see!

6) MEETING JOHNNY DEPP AND PENELOPE CRUZ: My view from the press box onto Moscow’s red carpet last week (red carpets are overrated….especially snobby, badly organized ones in Russia!):

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