Stuff Russian People Like: Caviar

It’s something economist husband and I still can’t agree on. Movie night snacks always have me reaching for the classic popcorn, while HE (being the wonderful Russian man that he is) insists on some sort of pickled vegetable or else – the ultimate treat – buttered bread with caviar.

It’s true. Russian people like caviar.

jars of $700 - $1400 black caviarFor a recent work trip, cameraman K. and I barreled out to Gamzyuki, Russia for a tour of a sturgeon farm to illustrate the news story that Russia has recently resumed black caviar exports.

There, at the quiet, fishy-smelling factory we had the privilege to:

meet lots of gigantic, pregnant sturgeon fish...

Talk to nerdy, friendly fish scientists...

watch said scientist perform an ultrasound on a slimy pregnant fish (to check up on the maturity of the fish eggs)

and then film a team of hair-netted factory workers "milking" the caviar out of an angry three-year-old sturgeon

the "milking" process

at the end of the visit, our hosts kindly force-fed us $300 spoon-fulls of freshly canned caviar (well, it was a forced feeding for me as the Russian cameraman obviously enjoyed his expensive bite!)

And then we brought our video material back to the office, where my coworker turned it into THIS lovely news piece:

I love my job 🙂

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