March Thankfulness

How quickly I forget how beautiful it’s all really been. And I forget to savor all the moments. But March has brought so much good!

  • 273.  Melted snow washing off the theater roof like a waterfall. Spring!
  • 274. the reality in the Bible
  • 275. clean apartment
  • 276. fresh bread, hot from the oven, round with sesame seeds from the Uzbek bakery
  • 277. the quietness of Lent – being forced to face yourself
  • 278. wonderful in-laws
  • 279. March 8 flowers (from economist husband! from church! and from said wonderful in-laws!)

  • 280. excited sms’s from Mom
  • 281. cuddling on the couch with economist husband
  • 282. office jokes that lighten the mood
  • 283. the massive Moscow sprawl (it’s amazing – such a HUGE city – everywhere you look. You can drive for hours and there are still more people, windows, mountain-range buildings)
  • 284. roadtrip and Russian panorama out the car window
  • 285. sunshine and scuddy spring clouds
  • 286. all the friendly, quiet caviar factory workers
  • 287. fresh air, trees, quiet
  • 288. grace from people at work
  • 289. grace from friends and family
  • 290. daily grace from God (un-looked for, un-thanked!) that I can’t do without…
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